Hort@ installs and manages agrometeorological monitoring networks, aggregating hourly information in databases usable via the internet.

Hort@’s current network is made up of numerous stations located nationwide, both directly owned and belonging to third parties (private companies, regional bodies, etc). The network, which is in continual expansion in Italy and abroad, makes use of the main technologies currently on the market.


  • Hort@23%
  • Private companies59%
  • Public bodies18%

Hort@’s network is made up of stations produced by numerous companies, for example: h4>


On the basis of the experience gained over the years, Hort@ has developed an agrometeorological station model that fully responds to the needs of the services supplied, as well as ease of use in the field.

If you are interested or would like to connect a station to our network, please contact us

The main variables recorded by these stations are:

  • air temperature;
  • relative humidity;
  • rainfall;
  • leaf wetness

with 7-day forecasts at the station (in collaboration to ilmeteo.it)

All the data are validated by Hort@’s control and quality system, which enables the use of verified and complete meteorological data.

These meteorological data are used for:

  • the DSSs and other Hort@ services: the meteorological data are a fundamental tool for the correct working of the DSSs, to define the risk of the main diseases of different crops;
  • the creation of reports and statistics: AGROMETEOROLOGICAL and ANOMALY MAPS (ten-day, monthly or seasonal) on maximum and minimum temperatures, rainfall, accumulated rainfall and relative humidity are produced on the basis of these data;
  • the download of data is for personal and/or business use: you can purchase the data (hourly, daily, monthly) recorded by the stations owned by Hort@.


To guarantee higher quality and to control the services offered, starting from 2012, Hort @ has obtained the certification of the network according to DTS by CCPB, with certificate n° 02/2016/SE rev. No 02