The Cà Bosco experimental-demonstration farm is located in the heart of Romagna, to the north of Ravenna and to the south of the Comacchio “valleys”.

The farm covers about 220 hectares and specialises in cereals. Hort@ conducts experimental trials on about 20 hectares of different agricultural crops, including wheat, soybean, tomato, energy crops, sorghum and maize, also as cover crops.

Cà Bosco’s mission is to transfer new knowledge and technological innovation from scientific research by involving farmers and technicians with a hands-on and experiential approach.

In more detail at Cà Bosco:

  • research and experiments are carried out in collaboration with universities, research centres and the main Italian and international companies supplying technical means

  • DEMOdays are held: these are events where results of experimental trials are illustrated

  • business meetings dedicated to our clients are hosted, as well as other training events on the use of Hort@’s technical support services


Hort@ carries out experimental trials on:

  • agronomic calibration of varieties: adopting increasing seed density and nitrogen doses to analyse the reaction of plants to different growing conditions; agronomic calibration helps identify investments at seeding and the fertilization plans able to maximise the genetic potential of each variety;
  • effectiveness on seed treatments and fungicides: the efficacy of seed treatment products and leaf fungicides on the main cereal diseases are assessed;
  • fertilizing: fertilizers, their doses and the effect of different administration times on yields and quality are studied.

The effects of other cultivation techniques are also studied, such as seeding or transplanting periods, intercropping practices and cover crops, as well as new mechanical equipment. Experimental trials enable constant validation and calibration of the functions and the DSS databases, since they provide an insight into how the products and cultivation techniques used interact with the plant, soil and climate.


Some pilot sites have been set up at Cà Bosco, which allow us to test technological innovations on a large scale and in the medium-term.



There is a pilot site on the farm, with the various technologies of agrometeorological stations to test them for potential use within Hort@’s support network. Crops are constantly monitored by agrometeorological stations, which give us up-to-date information on rainfall, temperature, atmospheric humidity, leaf wetness and wind trends.
The Cà Bosco farm is equipped with a network of underground pipes which enables deep disposal of excess water in the soil. This pipe drainage system is constantly monitored and enables us to assess how much water, nitrogen and other elements drain from the plots of land during the wettest months. The system enables us to study how leaching influences soil fertility and water quality. These observations help improve and calibrate the fertilization models of the DSSs.

Our partners at Cà Bosco

Discover our partners at Cà Bosco among seed companies, agrochemical companies, production structures and technological infrastructures