About us

Hort@ provides highly-specialised services to the agricultural and agri-industrial sectors to increase their competitivity and sustainability, while guaranteeing and enhancing food safety.

Hort@, a spinoff of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, was started in 2008 by five founding members, whose goal is to translate innovative research results into agricultural practices.

We currently apply the results of research in the agri-food sector by:

The people

Hort@’s members combine years of experience in the Research & Development field with a wide range of national and international connections.
Over the years, the staff has been enhanced by the arrival of young professionals.


Pierluigi Meriggi

Chairman and founding member

Vittorio Rossi

Founding member

Simona Giosuè

Founding member, administration

Tito Caffi

Founding member

Giuseppe Piacentino

Member, sales coordinator

The staff

Tiziano Bettati

IT sector coordinator

Matteo Ruggeri

Cereal, corn and sunflower sector coordinator

Giovanni Giuntoli

Legumes sector coordinator

Sara Elisabetta Legler

Grapevine sector coordinator

Federica Bove

Research and development, Horta4School Project contact person

Fiorenza Richelmi

Marketing and communication

Benedetta Girometta


Valentina Manstretta

Research and development

Francesca Passuello

Research and development

Roberta Bertuzzi

Research and development, administration

Cristian Veronesi


Michele Ciuffreda


Marco Ilic


Alessandro Mennillo


Daniela Corradi

Olives sector technical area

Vittoria Bardelloni

Grapevine experimental trials coordinator

Cristian Benini

Agrometeorological network coordinator

Benedetta Volta

Industrial crops technical area

Giovanni Miccoli

Industrial crops technical area

Nicolò Minghelli

Industrial crops technical area

Antonella Mavilia

Industrial crops technical area

Davide Meriggi

Industrial crops technical area

Giuseppe Ritelli

Industrial crops technical area

Marina Carchia

Industrial crops technical area

Saverio Terribile

Industrial crops technical area

Meiyi Vuong

Grapevines sector technical area

Nicole Moretti

Sales area

Octavian Chiriac

Sales area

Gabriele Cola

R&D consultant, agrometeorology

Gianluca Grillo

Consultant for cereals sector

Andrea Anselmi

Consultant for olive sector

Emanuele Eusepi

Consultant for agrometeorological network

Asterios Kartsiaflekis

Consultant Greece

Elisa Gonzales Dominguez

Consultant Spain

Zvezdomir Jelev

Consultant Bulgaria

Laszlo Zsombik

Consultant Hungary

Vivien Pàl

Consultant Hungary