Experimental farms

Hort@ carries out ad hoc trials at its experimental farms to test innovations to be transferred to farming practices through its ICT services and to calibrate the DSS modules.

These trials are carried out as part of Research and Development projects or in collaboration with technical means companies. The aim is to define the best strategies to improve their products. Hort@ can also conduct trials as a test facility.

Experimental farms on national territory:

At Cà Bosco and La Quercia, activities are carried out on cereals and arable land, Res Uvae is a winery.

Why experimental farms?

  • to design and create structures and plants, to install equipment

  • to lay out suitable structures and infrastructures

  • to make comparisons in the medium-long term between traditional and innovative techniques

  • to gather data also with advanced tools

  • to assess the effects and consequences, also in the medium term

parallax background

The experimental farms are used for our DEMOdays, days demonstrating innovation, safety and sustainability in agriculture.

Why DEMOdays?

  • to efficiently transfer mature innovation to be applied on a large scale

  • to collaborate with research and suppliers of technical means

  • to get first-hand experience

  • to integrate technical proposals in practical paths